How Travelling Empowers Your Photography

A long exposure photograph through an aperture of cave in Retiro Gardens, Madrid

Travelling is the best way to invest your money if you want to improve your photography. I would like to share with you three reasons why this investment will make you a better photographer.

Black and White or Colour Photography?

This photographs shows rays of light filtering though some threes in Villa Borghese, Rome

I have been struggling in deciding whether to convert my photographs to black and white or not for a long time. I have come up with a few tips that might make your life easier if you have asked yourself the same question.

Photography Basics and Street Photography: Composition

A black and white cityscape of Saint Peter Basilica, framed inside the arch of bridge

This is the final chapter of the series: 'Photography Basics'. Today, I will discuss the importance of a strong composition to help the viewer to focus on the main subject of your photograph. I will give you 5 of my favourite composition technique for you to practice.

Creativity Slowdown: 3 Tips to Overcome It

Are you trapped in a period of creativity slowdown or would like to get ready for it? Have a look at these 3 easy tips to overcome it.

Why Equipment Matters

Does equipment matter? This is such a recurring question that I wanted to share my opinion with you!